Roll a double to tackle teen drinking

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YOUNGSTERS in Chorley have devised a new weapon to tackle teenage drinking - a board game!

Year Nine pupils from Albany Science College on Bolton Road hope ‘Boozy Bar’ will help tackle the town’s poor record for hospital alcohol-related admissions.

It is centred around a bar and players moved from one bar stool to another and discussing dilemmas about alcohol-related issues.

Headteacher Don Higgs said: “I think it is a fantastic concept to promote the dangers of alcohol in a fun and innovative way.

“The benefit of this being developed by young people will attract other young people to participate an age related level.”

The board game has now won a prestigious competition organised by the Chorley Partnership, which works with health officials and Chorley Council.

It’s aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of alcohol as part of the Healthy Shotz campaign.

Wendy Johnstone, extended schools manager of Albany Science College, thinks the Healthy Shotz programme will contribute to reducing the figures.

She said: “The idea for the project came after reading about figures revealing more people from the town end up in hospital because of alcohol-related illness than any other town in Lancashire, apart from Preston.

“Over the long-term combating the problem at a young age means that you have a better chance of making an impact on alcohol related illness than in later life.”

Although there has been an significant fall in alcohol admissions in Chorley, the local figure is still 19 per cent higher than the national average.

Coun John Walker, who is responsible for helping to promote healthy lifestyles in Chorley, said: “Young people often come up with the best ideas of how we can get messages across to people of a similar age to them.

“It was a great idea to run a competition for the most interesting way of educating young people about the dangers of alcohol and we had some excellent entries varying from huge human advertising boards to posters and even a DVD.”