Roof-run teenagers are risking their lives

Ian Robinson at the spot he says youths get onto the roof of Chorley Little Theatre.
Ian Robinson at the spot he says youths get onto the roof of Chorley Little Theatre.
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Thrill-seeking teenagers are dicing with death high above Chorley town centre.

In the latest incidents, they targeted Chorley Little Theatre, and surrounding buildings.

Ian Robinson, 40, chairman of Chorley Amateur Dramatic And Operatic Society, which runs the Dole Lane theatre, said: “They’ve been running round over the roofs for the last week or so.

“It’s kids, young people, probably about 13 or 14.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re off school or not, they can be doing it on a sunny night.

“It’s dangerous. In particular at the theatre, we’ve holes on the roof.

“If they drop, they’ll fall a very long way in the theatre and stay there for a day or so.”

He added: “They get on at the United Utilities shed at the back, they have an electronic generator at the back of the theatre.

“But last week they’ve been on Gilkes’, the Nat West building and on Argos.”

Estate agent Peter Gilkes, who has an office on Market Street, confirmed he had had problems with youths on his roof and said not only was it dangerous, but costly, too.

He said: “We’ve had some They seem to start up again at this time of year when we have light nights and seem to think its fun and all right to run across other people’s roofs, not realising the damage they cause.”

He continued: “They crash through our roof and have come through it and they done some damage to our slates.

“It’s very expensive because you have to get scaffolding.

“We’ve spent £1,000 over the last two or three years.”

He said they also run across the Littlewoods building, Nat West bank and Argos.

“If they were to miss and fall off they’re falling ten metres and I don’t think they’d get to them because its a locked ginnel.”

Sgt Kevin Mountain, of the Chorley Neighbourhood Policing Team, said there had been no reports of incidents in the last couple of weeks, but added: “It’s an issue we’ve had reports about in the past and would urge youths not to get up onto rooves for the obvious dangers involved.

“Anybody witnessing youths on roofs can contact us on 101.”