Rosanna dives into active life

Rosanna is celebrating her fifth birthday
Rosanna is celebrating her fifth birthday
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When she first discovered her baby girl had a tumour on her heart, Sanam Ogden was left in a heap of tears not knowing what to do next.

At six weeks old, her daughter Rosanna had to undergo major open heart surgery which lasted for eight hours.

The life-saving surgery proved to be a huge success and since then Rosanna has flourished.

Doctors advised Sanam and husband Mick that activities such as swimming would help improve the health of their daughter.

Rosanna took to the water like a duck... she absolutely loved it.

Success in the pool has been constant.

At 10 weeks old she started swimming lessons, and at 13 months old, she could swim unaided.

Since being able to swim she has swum 100m, 200m and 600m unaided, which lead to her being dubbed the ‘little mermaid’ and ‘the miracle swimmer’.

Rosanna, who attends St Joseph’s Primary School in Adlington, turns five tomorrow, Wednesday, and to celebrate the milestone, a swimming party was held in Bolton at the weekend.

Mum Sanam said: “When I discovered the shocking tumour it left me in tears, I thought why us, I hadn’t seen anything of my daughter, she hadn’t walked, talked or even grown a tooth.

“But now it’s a dream come true. Rosanna is five on Wednesday and already achieved so much, and she’s a fantastic swimmer.

“The swimming is amazing for her, it really helps her and she’s become big and strong, in the water she is loud and loves it but out of the water she is so shy, she always turns her head into her dad and she’s quiet, people can’t believe it how different she is in and out of the pool.”

Last year was a big one for Rosanna. At an event organised by herself and her parents she raised £4,000 for the British Heart Foundation as well as winning her first ever award.

Rosanna won the Little Hero Award which was presented by the Waterbabies and she was also crowned the silver fund-raiser of the year by the ASA.

Now, Sanam and family, who live on Babylon Lane in Adlington, have high hopes for their daughter.

She added: “I’m hoping she can become really good at swimming. People have even said she could represent Great Britain in the Olympics.

“When the Olympics happened in London a young girl entered the pool and won medals, she was only 14 and I thought that could be


“When she turns 10 she would have become much stronger, everybody is so proud of her, her grandma and grandad are a big part in her life and her grandad is so proud of her.

“I just can’t believe the progress she has made it makes everybody so happy.”