Rosanna makes waves with her Sixtastic challenge

Rosanna Ogden with Adam Walker
Rosanna Ogden with Adam Walker
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Adlington swimming sensation Rosanna Ogden has completed her ‘Sixtastic’ charity challenge.

The youngster swan six miles over six days to mark her sixth birthday during half term.

She visited different pools across the country, finishing at David Lloyd Gym in Chorley, and swan with a variety of people including open water endurance swimmer Adam Walker, a member of the Aquabatix synchronised swimming team, and Great British hockey player Tom Carson.

On her fifth day, Aquabatix member Zoe Cooper presented Rosanna with a roll of honour certificate from the International Federation of Swimming Teachers’ Association - Rosanna is thought to be the youngest person ever to receive this award.

Her mum, Sanam, said: “Roro is happy and jolly after her busy half term. It was a fantastic challenge for Rosanna; she met beautiful people through her Sixtastic half term and it was a great experience.

“Her three special guests were amazed by her and were absolutely stunned.

Rosanna with Zoe Cooper from Aquabatix

Rosanna with Zoe Cooper from Aquabatix

“The final mile on the last day was in Chorley where the mayor, Coun Marion Lowe, came to show her support.

“The mayor wouldn’t sit down - she was stood cheering and clapping for Rosanna!”

Sanam added: “Roro has been through a beautiful journey with her Sixtastic swim and can now add another success to her growing list of swim and charity achievements.

“None of this would be possible without the generosity and support we have received. I am overwhelmed with pride and humbled by the public’s generosity.”

Rosanna, who was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and underwent open-heart surgery as a baby, is raising money for the When You Wish Upon a Star charity, which grants the wishes of children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.