Safety fears over supermarket car park

Tesco, Adlington
Tesco, Adlington
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Safety concerns have been raised over parking issues at a village supermarket.

Dan Croft, Mayor of Adlington, fears an accident is waiting to happen since the new Tesco Express store opened, in Chorley Road.

He said: “The issue is as you exit the car park, pedestrians coming from the left hand side are out of sight, as there is a huge wall from the building next door.

“Drivers simply have no sight of any shoppers, something needs to happen as there is real potential for an accident.”

Adlington Town Council has written to Lancashire County Council previously asking for safety provisions.

However, at the time LCC said that the road safety measures were adequate.

The council now plans to write to LCC as well as bosses at Tesco to ensure something happened.

Mr Croft added: “We’ve written once and they said everything was adequate.

“You exit the car park slowly but there is always that risk somebody could be hit , what we want to see is a speed bump, or painted lines or perhaps a sign.”

The new Tesco is at the site of the former Ridgway Arms pub. The site sparked controversy amongst residents, original plans were submitted in 2011 to make alterations to the building.

The plans were approved but the site lay dormant for a year which led to a number of complaints.

Andrew Burrows, highways manager for Chorley, said: “We’re aware of the concerns about safety which have been raised by the parish council.

“We’re investigating the situation and will be in a position to respond to them shortly.”

Tesco spokesperson Mark Thomas said, “The safety of our customers and colleagues is our highest priority and we’re conscious of being a good neighbour in Adlington. Our store provides a great service to the community and has brought a neglected building back into use as well as creating jobs. Prior to opening, it was essential that the County Council were satisfied with the access arrangements for the store from a safety perspective and we were grateful to have their approval. That said, we always appreciate feedback and will look into this issue.”