Sandra calls time on wool shop

Sandra Mulligan, of Knitty Nora's
Sandra Mulligan, of Knitty Nora's
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A popular shop owner will say a sad farewell to Chorley town centre after just three years in business.

Market Street wool shop Knitty Nora’s, run by Sandra Mulligan, is closing because, despite its popularity, she simply can’t make it pay.

Mother of two Sandra doesn’t want to go but revealed she hasn’t made a penny’s living from the venture since it opened.

In that time, former nurse and teacher Sandra, has lived on her savings.

But now she has revealed to her loyal customers that enough is enough and she can’t go on.

Sandra hasn’t put a closure date on the premises, but said: “It depends how long it takes to sell my stuff. The lease is up in December, it will be some time between now and then.

“The shop is very successful, but I’ve had no wages since the time it was opened.”

Sandra said keeping prices low, overheads and competition from the internet were the reasons for the closure.

She said: “I think the way to make it successful is to run an internet business with it.

“I’m more of a social person than a business person. I’m not as ruthless as that.

“I could have put my prices up thirty per cent, but that affects people who are not on a good income.

“It’s probably my principles, but you can’t help being anybody other than who you are.

“I’m a people person and never opened to make money, as in lots of money, but you have to make a wage.”

The shop has held ‘knit and natter’ sessions and charity events.

“Getting people to knit and crochet who never thought they could has been amazing,” said Sandra

Sandra, who lives off Harpers Lane, added; “I wanted to be involved in the community in Chorley.

“There are shops in Leyland that are cheaper, but I didn’t want to be in Leyland. It was about being involved with the Chorley community.

“It’s sad, but I don’t want to leave in debt. It’s taken all my savings. That’s fine but it’s time to get out before it gives me debt.

“The people that have been in here have been lovely.” She added that her children Lucy, 21, and Ewan, 18, had very supportive too.

“They’ve been really amazing. They’ve done without a lot of stuff and never minded.”

There are been countless messages on special media too, with folk saying how sad they are that the shop is closing and wishing Sandra all the best.

“I posted on Monday and it reached 6,000 people in one day which was a bit of a gobsmacking experience,” said Sandra, who said she would like go into teaching knitting now.