Sausage stall gets the boot

A controversial hot food van in the centre of Chorley has disappeared after just one week of trading.

New takeaway stall, Hot Variety Sausage, in Market Walk, arrived last month but has been moved on.

It caused controversy because it was on the same site of a former jacket potato stand, which was removed for being 'unsightly'.

Tom Shorrock, who owned the jacket potato stand, accused town centre bosses of being 'hypocrites' as he was forced to leave the popular spot in May last year, following complaints from market traders that his business blocked the view down Market Walk.

Chorley Borough Council has now removed the van because it didn't have the required street trading licence, and was too close to competing businesses in the covered market.

Coun Peter Malpas, who oversees the town centre for the council, said: "The van needs a street trading licence to operate on Market Walk, but our rules do state that a street trader can't operate within 50 metres of fixed premises selling similar goods which is aimed at protecting our regular businesses.

"We don't want to discourage them from putting on entertainment or one-off stands which add to the vibrancy of the town centre, but there are outlets which sell similar goods which are close to where the burger van was.

"We've now met with Market Walk representatives to explain the situation."

Mr Shorrock says he's not surprised that Hot Variety Sausage only lasted seven days.

He said: "When my former customers said that if I can't be there, nobody should be.

"They're very loyal, and I'm not surprised it only lasted a week."

The new stall was managed by Neil Hart, who also ran a fairground ride

outside B&M Bargains.

Mr Hart was available for comment but speaking previously he said: "I don't want to step on anybody's toes, and I'm not worried about being driven out like Tom was.

"I'm only doing what I've been asked to do."

A spokesperson for Market Walk said: "Market Walk regularly assesses the choice and variety of its retailers, ensuring the best possible shopping experience for customers.

"We cannot discuss the details of individual retailers' situations."