Sawfish nose is sniffed out to house in Chorley

Chorley police officers with the sawfish nose.
Chorley police officers with the sawfish nose.

A £5,000 sawfish ‘nose’ which disappeared from a Cumbrian hotel has been found in Chorley.

The unusual 4ft-long object, which belonged to the Black Swan at Ravenstonedale, Kirkby Stephen, turned up in the Chorley area.

The hotel is run by Alan and Louise Dinnes and the ‘trophy’ – which was on display on a wall in a bar at the hotel – has been in the family for around 40 years.

A spokesman for the family, who are currently in holiday, said: “It’s always been part of the Black Swan.

“It has been up on the wall and a talking point for a lot of guests.”

Staff noticed the nose had gone missing and reported it to Cumbria police, giving them a list of names of people who were in the bar that night.

A link was made to Chorley and local officers investigated.

Sergeant Andy Bramhall, of Chorley’s neighbourhood policing team, said: “Inquiries have lead to us recovering the sawfish from a property in the Chorley area. We are still making inquiries.”

The hotel spokesman said: “We’re thankful they found it. It was just so amazing. We thought we’d never see it again because it’s a very rare piece. It’s got a missing tooth and it’s so unique in its own right. It’s worth about £5,000.”

Sawfishes have a long, narrow, flattened rostrum, or nose extension, lined with sharp teeth.