Schoolboys rescue stricken pensioner

Heroes: Jordan Taylor, left and Daniel
Heroes: Jordan Taylor, left and Daniel
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Two Chorley schoolchildren have been praised as heroes for rescuing a pensioner who fell from ladders and had been calling for help for three hours.

Jordan Taylor and Daniel Hilton, both students at Holy Cross High School, rushed to the rescue of an unnamed pensioner from Pilling Lane who had fallen after trying to get into her attic.

The quick-thinking school boys rushed to her side, called an ambulance, and kept her calm until paramedics arrived.

Daniel, 11, said: “It was after school and we were just walking to play at Jordan’s house.

“We heard someone shouting and there was a lady at the door.

“She had fallen from some ladders and needed help.

“Jordan called for an ambulance and it came and I told them where to come and she got some treatment.”

The pensioner suffered a broken leg in the accident but is said to be making a good recovery.

The modest boys have dismissed their actions as something anyone would do, but say their families and teachers are proud of them for what they have done.

Jordan, also 11, said: “I wasn’t scared, we just did it. Everyone is really proud of us.

ICT teacher at Holy Cross, Mr Adam Partington, said: “It all happened after school when the boys were walking down Pilling Lane.

“They heard this cry for help and wondered where it was coming from.

“They worked it out and went to the lady’s door where they saw a woman at the bottom of the stairs.

“She had been there for about three or four hours.

She had been going in the attic and had fallen down and they stayed with her and reassured her.

“The daughter of the woman was very appreciative and brought some little gifts for them just to say thank you.

“It’s always good to hear young people doing good deeds and to show people that young people do have good hearts.

“Everyone at Holy Cross is very proud. What a fabulous example they both are.”