Search for petrol station raiders

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Raiders escaped with a large quantity of cigarettes from a Chorley petrol station.

The break-in at the closed Tesco petrol station in Buckshaw Village took place between midnight and 1am last Wednesday.

Police, who are studying CCTV footage, said it appeared three offenders and possibly a fourth in a waiting car, carried out the robbery.

The gang jimmied open a large front window frame and pushed through the glass pane activating the alarm.

They climbed over the counter, removed metal shelves containing the cigarettes and opened cupboards, stealing coins from them.

The same petrol station – on Ordnance Way – had been targeted by raiders about 12 months ago.

A police spokesperson said: “They stole a large quantity of cigarettes and coins from behind the counter area.

“There’s no known value on what they have taken. It would appear potentially we have three offenders and possibly a fourth in a vehicle.”

A couple, who live nearby, think they may have heard the break in.

Kenneth Hall, 62, and his wife Adene, 59, live on Bridgewater Drive.

Mr Hall said: “We got woken up and wondered what the hell was going on, as the noise echoes here and you can’t tell where it’s coming from.

“It was exactly the same time – 1am. They were bawling and shouting, and then I heard something but we are not sure what it was.”