‘Selfish motorists are risking lives’

Demanding action: Ken and Nora Ball in Spendmore Lane, Coppull
Demanding action: Ken and Nora Ball in Spendmore Lane, Coppull
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Villagers are calling for a crackdown on shoppers and motorists parking on yellow lines on a busy road.

People living on South Road in Coppull want parking wardens to patrol near the Post Office and opticians on Spendmore Lane to deter selfish motorists.

Ken Hodkinson, 79, of South Road says it is ‘treacherous’ trying to pull out of his street because he struggles to get a clear view of the traffic.

He said: “I think there should be more done to stop people parking there and I want more wardens there.

“I am really surprised that there have not been any accidents but something needs to be done before anyone gets hurt.”

One of his neighbours Jamie Pope, 18, is also calling for action. He said: “It is really dangerous if you are turning right across the street to drive towards Chorley.

“You just have to edge out between the parked cars and don’t know if any other motorists on Spendmore Lane can see you.”

Coun Ken Ball, who represents the area, says parking on this stretch of road has been a concern regularly raised at parish council meetings for the past 18 years. He said: “There are often two or three cars who stop at the junction of South Road and Spendmore Lane and not all of them have disabled passes.

“The motorist who are parking there have no thought for other people because they also block most of the pavement which makes it difficult for mothers with prams to get passed. This is a very busy road especially when the buses are on it and stop across the road.”

Alan Capstick, public realm manager for Chorley for Lancashire County Council said: “It would appear that a minority of motorists are using the yellow lines and waiting at the end of the junction. We will monitor the situation and if necessary give consideration to introducing bollards or rails.”