Seven directors at Chorley FM resign

Peter Kay
Peter Kay
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Seven of the 11 directors at Chorley FM resigned last week in a mass walk-out over in-fighting.

The community radio station, made famous in Peter Kay’s comedy show Pheonix Nights, has now been left in a ‘fragile state’, with four of the seven directors also holding presenting slots at the volunteer-run station.

Shaun Lewis, a former director and presenter who relinquished his post last week, said the station was in a ‘vulnerable position’ after the sudden departure of over half of the board.

He said: “I have been at Chorley FM for about five or six years now. As a board member you make decisions, but some people had their own agenda. “It was in turmoil. It was just squabbles.

“Normally I would keep quiet but I am just so angry about it all.

“In terms of the schedule, it has affected that. Four of the seven who left were presenters. The station is in a vulnerable position. It’s definitely in a fragile state.”

Last year the station was saved from the brink of closure after declining advertising revenues, falling grants and the cost of their base meant it only had enough money to survive a matter of weeks. However, a new five-year licence was secured and volunteers said things were looking up.

Mr Lewis, who also ran the station’s website, said: “Over the last the last seven months Chorley FM has gone from strength to strength. We are attracting more advertising revenue which pays the bills and keeps us existing.

“Our listenership had increased and I was working on a project which would attract more local businesses.

“It takes a whole team to run a radio station and it is a real pity they have lost another volunteer who was more than happy to help (the station) develop.”

A spokesman for Chorley FM said: “A number of Chorley FM directors resigned last week, but the remaining directors and all other volunteers are feeling positive and committed to continuing to run a community radio station that Chorley can be proud of.

“We thank the departed directors for their hard work and contributions.”