Shake-up of bus service and times

Johnny Glover who regularly catches the bus from Chorley Interchange. Pictures by Josh Vosper.
Johnny Glover who regularly catches the bus from Chorley Interchange. Pictures by Josh Vosper.

We’ve all heard the saying about waiting for one bus and then two coming along at once.

Well, that certainly won’t be the case in Chorley where Stagecoach is set to scale back its timetable.

The company claims the move is aimed at improving reliability and making the network more cost effective.

And, although there will more services added to some routes - the number four Great Knowley bus and 16 Chorley to Euxton service will be scrapped altogether.

There will also be revised routes and timetables for the number 10 service to Buckshaw Village, 11 to Chorley hospital, 18 to Eaves Green, 109 through Leyland to Preston, 125/126 to Bolton and X60/X61 to Blackpool buses.

The changes will take effect from September, but passengers and politicians have already called on the bus company to re-think the shake-up.

Great-grandfather and keen angler Johnny Glover, who travels on the number 16 bus, said: “This is a bad thing for us pensioners.

“At the minute the bus stops right at the end of my road and I rely on it to get from A to B.

“We heard that it could be cancelled last year, but hoped it wasn’t true.

“I use it to come into town and I could get a taxi, but that will get expensive. I think there will be a few choice words when people find out about this.”

The bus that the 86-year-old uses will be replaced by a revised 109 service.

Coun Ralph Snape, who represents Chorley North West, will also see the service in his ward cut from twice and hour to once.

He claims the move could isolate Chorley pensioners who rely on the service in that area.

Coun Snape said: “I had been told that the number 18 bus could be scrapped altogether and was relieved when the route was kept, but I’m now worried about the new timetable.

“I have been given a copy by Stagecoach and it shows that the service will be reduced from twice an hour to just once. On market days that could cause chaos as the buses are already full now.

“Most people like to visit the markets in the morning and so the earlier buses are always very popular, but if the service is reduced from two to one vehicles then it could easily become full.

“That means that the bus won’t be able to collect passengers at some stops and that would leave people waiting for more than hour.

“There isn’t even a bus shelter at two of the stops either so if it’s raining most people will just turn back and not even bother.

“I’m concerned as the service is a lifeline for some of the residents in my ward and I do hope that Stagecoach will re-look at the proposals.”

The number 18 bus runs from Monday to Saturday calling at Chorley Interchange, Walgarth Drive, Weld Bank, Harrison Road.

There will also be changes to the number three and three a service to Blackrod and it will no longer serve Limbrick.

A spokesman for Stagecoach said: “The changes are in order to improve reliability and make the network more cost effective.”