Shop a cheat and get £250!

Kate Sullivan CCH
Kate Sullivan CCH
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Tenants are being offered rewards of up to £250 for shopping neighbours they suspect of tenancy fraud.

Chorley Community Housing say they’re offering the bounty as part of ‘Catch A Cheat in Chorley’ week, which started on Monday.

The initiative is part of a joint approach by all social landlords in the borough to tackling the problem of illegal subletting of homes and the use of homes as ‘giro drops’.

Kate Sullivan, Tenancy Fraud Manager for CCH, said: “The Government is encouraging all social landlords to be more pro active in tackling tenancy fraud and we’re working with Chorley Council to ensure a joined up approach to the problem.”

A reward of up to £250 will be paid by CCH to anyone who provides information which leads to a tenancy being recovered.

Tenancy cheats are estimated to make up to £20,000 a year out of properties by charging rent to other people whilst still claiming housing benefit themselves.

Kate said: “By paying a bounty we’re acknowledging that some people will be uneasy about passing on information.

“Or perhaps they think we know a property is not occupied by the person who should be living there and that we’re doing nothing about it. The message we want to get out is - if you think there’s a fiddle going on please tell us. Telephone our hotline number of 0845 505 3355 or go on our website complete our ‘Catch A Cheat’ online reporting form.”

The hotline number is open from 8am to 6pm. The web address to report tenancy cheats is

As part of the campaign, social landlords in Chorley are out and about on Chorley estates during the week to highlight the problem of tenancy fraud.

Call the ‘Catch A Cheat in Chorley’ hotline by ringing 0845 505 3355.