Shopkeeper back in store after stabbing

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A shopkeeper was stabbed when she confronted a shoplifter trying to leave her newsagents.

Judy Corrigan followed the woman when she walked out of Corrigan’s, in Mill Street, Coppull, without paying for a packet of tobacco at 9.35am on Wednesday.

She asked her to pay for it or give back the tobacco, but the woman refused.

The woman then pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed Judy in the hand outside the shop.

Judy, 59, said: “She was jumping around on the pavement with a knife.

“Someone came out of a house across the road. I said, ‘Ring 999, she’s got a knife’.

“I saw a police car on the main road and legged it round the corner.”

Judy went to Chorley and South Ribble District Hospital, where she received stitches to her wound.

It is hoped the injury will not cause lasting damage.

And by 4.30pm, the mother-of-three was back behind the counter of the shop she has run for 33 years with husband Keith.

She said: “It was a shock. I didn’t expect something like this to happen.

“I certainly will be more wary in future, though 99.9 per cent of our customers are absolutely lovely.”

And Judy, a Coppull parish councillor, says she has been overwhelmed by the support from customers.

“Everyone has been asking how I am and it’s been lovely. Everyone has been very concerned,” she said.

She also praised the police officers who were passing at the “perfect” time.

It is thought the same woman had gone into the Co-operative shop in Spendmore Lane shortly before the incident at Corrigan’s, above, and stolen a drink.

Police also received a report that an 18-year-old woman had been approached by a woman with a knife nearby.

The teenager said she had been threatened near the playing fields in Byron Crescent. She said she ran away and took refuge in a nearby post office.

Police detained a 29-year-old woman under the Mental Health Act and took her to hospital.