Sisters aim to set up a haven for hedgehogs

Janette Jones
Janette Jones
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Sisters with a passion for wildlife are going a step further to help injured, sick and abandoned wild animals.

Janette Jones and Sue Smith have been caring for animals for many years.

Milly the hedgehog

Milly the hedgehog

It started as a hobby, but they now want to offer more of a helping hand by setting up a wildlife sanctuary for hedgehogs and wild birds at Janette’s home in Chorley.

One of the reasons is because they struggle to get help for animals outside office hours.

Janette, 52, said: “You can spend half an hour on the phone trying to contact an expert and no-one is there or a vet will tell you to bring it in and they will put it down.

“I don’t want that. Sometimes it does have to happen, but we want to try.”

“It’s evolved from putting a few fatballs out to attract some birds to having 40 feeders and attracting 300 birds a day.”

Janette Jones

Janette first became interested in wildlife when she turned her garden into a haven for birds.

She said: “I got into gardening, I spent more time investigating and learning, getting involved with the RSPB and understanding conservation.

“It’s evolved from putting a few fatballs out to attract some birds to having 40 feeders and attracting 300 birds a day.

“I saw a hedgehog about 15 years ago. Now they come in my garden as well.”

Among the wild birds visiting Janette’s garden are starlings, blue tits, sparrows, doves, kestrels and sparrowhawks.

Janette says she always helps if she sees an animal in trouble and because people in the area know what she does, they also ask her to help animals.

Last year they helped a family of four baby swallows, providing 24-hour care for seven weeks before releasing them into the wild.

The sisters now want to create a wildlife sanctuary at Janette’s home so they will be able to help more animals.

They plan to do a first aid course at a wildlife hospital and courses to become recognised wildlife carers with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.

“Once we are trained and qualified then we can do a lot more than we can do at the moment,” Janette said.

Janette and Sue are looking for a builder to help them transform Janette’s garage into an animal hospital.

To help or find out more, call Janette and Sue on 07599 950153.