Slimline Bill shows it’s kneesy to lose weight

Bill Rigby, 81, has lost over three stones with Slimming World
Bill Rigby, 81, has lost over three stones with Slimming World

Pensioner Bill Rigby is living proof that it is never too late to lose weight.

The 81-year-old was advised to shed the pounds in November 2012 to ease arthritis in his knees.

His weight, combined with years of working on his knees, running Chorley Loose Cover And Curtain Centre, had taken their toll.

Bill, of Preston Road, Coppull, was told he needed a knee replacement operation – but it could not be done because he weighed 17 stones 3lbs.

He was spurred into action and joined Slimming World.

Bill said: “I saw the banners at the British Legion in Coppull and I went in and joined.

“I don’t regret it.”

It was not long before Bill was given a nickname by the other group members.

He said: “They called me their grandad.

“Then I was the only man and I was 80 years old.”

Bill found he could choose a wide range of foods on the Slimming World eating plan and he decided to ditch some of his favourites.

“I like biscuits, and ice cream was something I ate a lot of. I used to have a can of lager every night,” he said.

“I knocked all the biscuits off and I haven’t had a drink since - I don’t like lager now.”

Healthy eating and light exercise helped Bill drop the pounds and he now weighs 13 stones 12lbs, and doctors have even postponed his knee replacement


Bill, who is married to Teresa and has one son, said: “Because I’ve lost weight, my knees are quite a bit better, but they will never be right until I have new knees.”

As well as improvements to his knees, Bill has noticed the difference after losing weight.

He said: “I’m not as tired as I used to get. It’s hard when you’re carrying all that extra weight.

“I have just had the results of an MOT at the doctor’s and everything is alright.”

Bill still goes to the Slimming World meetings every Monday and is focused on maintaining his weight loss.

And he hopes other people will be inspired to follow his example.

He said: “It’s never too late to try and keep fit. The only thing I have to watch at my age is the fact I can’t go silly. I used to like weight lifting when I was younger but I can’t go doing things like that now.

“There are light exercises you can do sitting down.”

Deborah Carr, who runs the Coppull group, said: “I’m so proud of Bill.

“Not only does he look fabulous, he’s improved his health, looks 10 years younger and has saved the local NHS thousands of pounds.

“His transformation hasn’t gone unrecognised – Bill is a huge inspiration to everyone in my groups and I hope he inspires others to change their lives in the same way.”