Slimming sausages go down a storm

Dieters are locking horns over a new brand of low-fat bangers in supermarkets across the country leaving shelves empty and stomachs hungry.

Tuesday, 7th February 2017, 10:56 am
Updated Tuesday, 7th February 2017, 1:06 pm

But right here in Chorley an independant butchers is pulling in the pounds as sales of his low fat sausages rocket.

People on a mission to lose weight are going bonkers over Porky Lights sausages which are categorised by weight loss organisation Slimming World as having just 0.5 ‘syn points‘.

It means that in a diet plan which only allows slimmers 15 ‘points’ worth of higher calories foods and treats a day, they can eat more for less.

Now supermarkets are selling out of the 78 calorie pork bangers quicker than they can buy them in, leaving bare shelves across the country.

Online forums reveal dieters are bulk buying stacks of the sausages by driving more than 30 miles to get them – and then proudly posting photos of their ‘winnings’ online.

The shortage has seen the Surrey-based makers Porky Whites inundated by “frustrated” shoppers begging for them to make more.

In Chorley though, slimmers are smug.

Allen’s Butchers in Chapel Street is well stocked with low fat bangers, which are selling like hot cakes.

Owner Allen Douglass, 73, who started working as a butcher at the young age of 15, said: “We produce 3,000 pounds of sausages in weight a week and have people coming to buy them for all over including Manchester and the Lake District.

“We use a lean leg of pork for our sausages so there is no fat in them.

“If you take ours home and cook them you won’t see any fat come out of them, they will stay the same size.

“The only reason they’re flying off the shelves in supermarkets is because they are advertising.

“People buy Slimming World sausages for the first few weeks and they try them and if they don’t like them they come back to us.

“Ours are the best. Most of my trade is sausage. We don’t even go on the internet with them but I am thinking of it.

“We’re not allowed to say ours are ‘syn-free’ because its a Slimming World certification.”

One of Allen’s customers buys £1,500 worth per week to sell on at Wigan Market.

Following the revelations about why the syn-free bangers are popular Chorley residents took to Facebook.

Angela Lister wrote: “Allen’s butchers in Chorley sell syn-free sausages. No fighting there.”

Mandy Mcdonald agreed. “Allen’s are the best,” she said.

Susan Harrison posted: “Love Allen’s.”