Spaghetti? Birthday duo are pasta all that

Kristofer, Dominic, Lance, Sophie's step mum and her dad
Kristofer, Dominic, Lance, Sophie's step mum and her dad
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For years, Christmas dinner in the Timmins’ household was spaghetti bolognese.

That was because it’s the favourite meal of brothers Kristofer and Dominic


Dominic was born on Christmas Day 2001 and Kristofer on Boxing Day 1994.

And, of course, you can have whatever you want on your birthday, can’t you!

So mum-of-two Sophie served up the meal of their choice.

“Up until recently we never had traditional Christmas dinners,” she said.

“They always had their favourite meals which is spaghetti bolognese for their birthday.

“We’ve had it for the last eight years, it’s just different really.”

Dental worker Sophie, 47, who is married to Lance, 56, said: “We actually treat Christmas more for birthdays than anything else.

“They enjoy having their birthdays at Christmas.”

“We don’t call the tree a Christmas tree we call them birthday trees.

“It’s all geared round the birthday.

“It’s like a normal day for us.

“And we are not a religious family or anything likethat.”

Sophie added: “My mum was delighted when Kristofer arrived on Boxing Day because her and my dad were married on Boxing Day in 1964.”

Among those famous people Dominic shares his birthday are Sir Isaac Newton, Humphrey Bogart and

Annie Lennox.

And those born on Boxing Day like Kristofer include former Chinese leader Mao Tse-tung and actor Richard Widmark.

Kristofer, a former pupil of Sacred Heart Primary and Holy Cross High schools, Chorley, works on the grill at McDonald’s in the Capitol Centre.

He said of his birthday: “It’s all right. Obviously it’s bad because I’ve got to wait all year.

“I can’t exactly have a party because my mates are out doing other things with their families.”

And does he get two lots of presents?

“I wish I did,” he said wistfully.

“Instead of that, Dominic gets some extra presents to open on my birthday as well so he doesn’t feel left out!”