Special delivery as cousins are born on the same day

Step-sisters Lydia Crispin and Dawn Bamber with their daughters, Summer and Courtney
Step-sisters Lydia Crispin and Dawn Bamber with their daughters, Summer and Courtney
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Step-sisters Lydia Crispin and Dawn Bamber have always been close – but two new additions to their family have brought them closer than ever.

The pair found out they were pregnant on the same day and despite having different due dates, their daughters were both born on the same day.

It means the next generation of their family will be able to celebrate their birthday together, just like best friends Lydia and Dawn, who also share a birthday.

Lydia, 24, of Park Avenue, Euxton, said: “I had spoken to Dawn, because I always confide in her, and told her I was thinking of having a baby. She said she had been thinking about it too. We said we would always tell each other if anything happened.

“On June 18, I did a pregnancy test and found out it was positive, and the first person I phoned was Dawn.

“That night, she text me to see if I was still awake and if she could phone me.

“She was crying her eye out and told me she was pregnant.”

They decided not to tell anyone until after their scans and got their parents, Sue and Keith Bamber, together for a family meal.

They told them they had won a prize and presented each parent with a gift bag containing a picture of the babies from the scans.

Lydia said: “They couldn’t believe it.”

The step-sisters went through pregnancy together, sharing each milestone and preparing for the future.

They both planned to give birth at Chorley And South Ribble Hospital, with Dawn’s baby due on February 15 and Lydia’s on February 20.

Dawn, 25, of Runshaw Lane, Euxton, said: “It was unbelievable.

“I didn’t think for a minute that they would arrive on the same day. It doesn’t surprise me though.”

Both pregnancies went past their due dates and plans were made for Dawn’s baby to be induced at Royal Preston Hospital on February 28.

And the day before, Lydia went into labour at Chorley Hospital.

Lydia said: “I was looking at the clock at 11.30pm hoping it would go into the next day, because I knew Dawn was being induced.”

Baby Summer was born at 12.30am on February 28, weighing 7lb 12oz.

And Dawn’s daughter Courtney was delivered at 7.50pm that day, weighing 10lb 11oz.

Lydia, who is married to Danny, said: “When we finally got the phone call to say she had had a little girl, we were over the moon.

“For our girls to have the same birthday, like us, is lovely.

“They will grow up together and probably go to the same school.”

Dawn, who is engaged to Duncan Riding and works at Cheeky Monkey’s play centre in Chorley, added: “I think they will be best friends like me and Lydia.”