Speed calming plans scrapped - by residents

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Plans for speed humps on a busy Chorley road have been scrapped - because residents don’t want them.

Lancashire County Council introduced a traffic-calming scheme along Collingwood Road to include flat topped humps, junction tables and speed cushions.

But residents living in the area are worried about damage to their vehicles, noise pollution, and the effect it would have on emergency services.

Now LCC has decided not to install the measures and that Collingwood Road will now get a new £35,000 zebra crossing near to its junction with Grosvenor Road.

Coun Ralph Snape is outraged at the decision to scrap the plans and says local schoolchildren will suffer. He said: “I think it’s ludicrous that we’re not getting more traffic-calming measures, because drivers really do speed down there.

“Children from St Mary’s and Gillibrand primary schools have to cross Collingwood Road, and even though they have two lollipop men, only one will benefit from the zebra crossing.”

Crossing patrol manager for St Mary’s Primary School, Norman Moss, was hoping for a zebra crossing too, but Coun Snape says there’s no hope now.

Residents objected to the speed hump proposals over concerns about damage to the suspension and tyres of their vehicles; noise generated by vehicles travelling over the humps; the affect on emergency services response times; and the affect of traffic movement in icy weather.

They said traffic calming measures are unnecessary, as the number of injury accidents on Collingwood Road and Tootell Street has reduced from eight during 2001-2006 to five during 2006-2011.

Alan Capstick, public realm manager for Chorley at LCC, said: “A decision has now been made to introduce a pedestrian crossing on Collingwood Road to provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians and a safer route to school for pupils at Gillibrand Primary School.”