Spice up your life with the hottest challenge

Paddy Leyland at his stall Go Mex
Paddy Leyland at his stall Go Mex

One of Chorley’s independent traders, Paddy Leyland, is offering something that little bit different at his stall Go Mex.

Not only is he encouraging people to shop and eat locally but he wants people to be game and try out his unique ‘Hell Fire burrito.’

The stall is situated at the bottom of the covered market.

The burrito is one of the hottest around and measures in at 300,000 SHU scoville units.

The dish contains savoury rice in a tortilla with chilli con cane and a special hot sauce, it costs £10.

Challengers must eat the dish in five minutes using a knife and fork a drink is also provided.

Once the burrito has gone they must then wait for two minutes without a drink, moving around or being sick.

The burrito is much hotter than a regular bottle of Tabasco sauce which only measures in between 2,500-5,000 scoville units.

Paddy Leyland, owner of Go Mex, was taken back by Man vs. Food and wanted to create a challenge of his own for his stall.

He said: “You see it on the American television shows all the food challenges.

“I love the food challenge concept so I wanted to do something of my own.

“It’s actually a great conversation starter for customers as it draws them into the stall and they all want to know how many people have been successful.”

The challenge has been running for two years since the stall opened.

Should people be successful in defeating the ‘Hell Fire’ burrito then they will receive their money back, a prized T-shirt saying ‘I defeated the Hell Fire burrito, plus a free meal from the stall.

Ninety people have already taken on the challenge but only seven of those have been successful.

The last person to successfully complete the challenge was five months ago.

Paddy added: “Some people do it for the T-shirt others do it to say they have done it.

“I actually want people to complete it, it’s quite nerve racking watching people but I get a real kick from it.

“Especially when people fail the challenge.”

Paddy opened the stall on as he felt their was a gap in the market.

And he isn’t ruling out any more potential challenges - but refused to give anything away.

He said: “The stall has proved to be very popular, we will just have to wait and see if any more new challenges come to the stall.”