Spread the word – success Story is being re-run

Guests Of The Earth perform at Knitty Nora's during last year's What's Your Story, Chorley?
Guests Of The Earth perform at Knitty Nora's during last year's What's Your Story, Chorley?
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A fun festival celebrating words proved to be so popular that it will make a return to Chorley this year.

Named What’s Your Story Chorley?, the festival saw events being held around the town centre based on the written and spoken word.

The Creative Network, supported by Chorley Council, is holding it again on Saturday, April 25 – and they hope it will be bigger and better.

Coun Peter Wilson, deputy leader of Chorley Council, said: “We were delighted at how well the first ever festival of words went in Chorley last year.

“And therefore we are looking to have more activities in more venues for this year.

“Just as our Chorley Live music event has become a hugely popular fixture in Chorley’s calendar, we want What’s Your Story Chorley? to be equally popular with the creative community, with authors and storytellers taking part, keeping visitors and shoppers of all ages spellbound and entertained.

“It’s all about making things happen in the town centre to get people to visit Chorley and enjoy being in the town centre, as well as giving people the opportunity to enjoy something they may not usually have access to.”

Activities will include storytelling, events with authors, a chance to develop writing skills, poetry reading and dramatic presentations.

Nigel Stewart, from The Creative Network, said: “We are looking forward to building on the success of last year’s event and getting more creative people involved so that we can offer a wider variety of activities for visitors to Chorley to enjoy on the day.

“As we saw last year, this is an event with something to offer for everyone – young, old, male or female.

“We’ve already got some exciting authors, writers and storytellers lined up, but we’d love to hear from more, particularly local people.

“This is a chance for them to showcase their craft in a range of venues in the town to a whole new audience.”

To get involved, call Nigel on 07883 181978 or email info@thecreativenetwork.org.uk. Alternatively, contact the council on 01257 515151 or contact@chorley/gov.uk.