Stab victim takes part in knife plea

Stab victim Jessica Knight
Stab victim Jessica Knight
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Chorley stab attack victim Jessica Knight took part in a demonstration to raise awareness of knife crime.

The 18-year-old, who suffered an horrendous attack at the hands of a crazed knifeman in 2008, went to London to meet with other victims and demand tougher action to combat the crime.

Jessica was just 14-years-old when she was stabbed 23 times by Kristoffer Beddar as she was listening to her iPod on a quiet footpath in Astley Village.

The former Parklands schoolgirl was left in a critical condition and she suffered a series of strokes as aa result. .

Beddar, who was 21 at the time, severed her jugular vein, perforated her bowel twice and damaged her lung, leaving her fighting for her life in hospital, with her family at her bedside.

Jessica went to London with mum Jill Walmsley on Monday to take part in action outside the Houses of Parliament, organised by Wake Up Call UK.

There she met up with Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle to discuss changes to the law.

Jessica, who still suffers severe nerve pain after the traumatic attack, said: “I couldn’t do this when I was younger because I had to get myself sorted first.

“Now I’m older and I can understand more what happened I can hopefully use that to help others.”

Beddar, 21, has been jailed for life for attempted murder.

Jessica is now undertaking work experience at the BBC in Manchester and hopes to fulfil a career in graphic design.

Mum Jill Walmsley said: “In January we heard about this knife campaign that was set up by Wake Up Call UK and decided to go along.

“I think she felt like she was doing her bit to help.

“A couple of MPs came out to talk to us and we showed them a photo of her in the intensive care unit to shock them.

“Knife crime is going up and we haven’t heard anything about what the Government is doing.”

Mr Hoyle said: “I was very pleased to meet Jessica and her mum.

“They wanted to bring me up to speed with the issues around knife crime awareness.

“They do have some frustrations and they wanted me to be aware of that.

“We went through the issues and they do feel there are weaknesses, and we will pass on their views to the Home Secretary.”