‘Stop avoiding the parking fees’

Chorley Hospital layby on Euxton Lane
Chorley Hospital layby on Euxton Lane
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Fed-up hospital visitors are leaving a nearby layby jammed with cars to avoid paying hiked-up fares.

The area down Euxton Lane has become a congested parking hotspot since Chorley and South Ribble District Hospital doubled its fees from £1.50 to £3.

Now, Coun Mark Perks, who represents the area on Lancashire County Council, said parking restrictions should be enforced to prevent accidents on the busy road.

He said: “Quite a number of people in Astley Village have contacted me and are concerned about the number of cars that are parking up on the layby.

“It is meant to be temporary stopping point for vehicles before they access junction eight of the M61.

“They can get a drink and have a bit of a rest but since the charges were increased they are using it to park.

“The main problem is that they are stopping at the junction of the layby.

“It is a sharp bend which means cars coming from the other direction are having to slow down or stop to try to pull on the layby.

“There have been quite a few motorcyclists killed there in the past and we fear there could be more because they are stopping so far up the layby.

“I have asked Lancashire County Council about putting parking restrictions (double yellow lines) at the top end of the layby to stop them parking there.

“It is choc-a-bloc trying to get on there.

“I just want to make it easier for people to access the entrance.”

Coun Perks added he also wants highways chiefs to review how long people are staying in the layby.

He said: “If they find that people are staying there for a long time during the day then I think we should look at introducing some restrictions on there.

“It should be short-stay for people to visit the mobile cafe at the bottom and not much longer.”

Miles Timperley, Director of Facilities and Services at Lancaster Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “All hospital car parks tend to be busy during peak times.

During these times we provide car parking staff to direct staff, visitors and patients to suitable spaces.

“We closely monitor the use of patient and visitor car parks at Chorley and South Ribble Hospital and there is no significant visitor car parking issue.

“While we try to discourage it we are aware that some visitors choose to park on residential roads around Chorley and South Ribble Hospital, however this is entirely beyond our control.”