Students launch website to help plan the best night out

A website which tells you where to go on a night out in Preston has been launched by three university students in the city.

Thursday, 24th November 2016, 1:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 10:41 am
Will, Dan and Kev show off their new website Impulse

Impulse, billed as the “night out equivalent of Just Eat,” went live this month and attracted more then 700 visitors in the first two weeks.

Dan Collins, Will Taylor and Kev Strachand pooled their student loans and most of their time and energy into developing the digital platform which allows revellers to check what local bars and clubs have on offer each evening in one place instead of having to trawl through a list of websites and social media feeds.

“We often find ourselves in a bar wondering where to go next, what bar has a good drinks deal that night or what club night is the best one to go to,” explained Dan, 20. “That’s where the idea came from, to develop a really accessible website that will tell you where to go next with no hassle.”

Dan and Will are third year buisness management students at the University of Central Lancashire, while Kev is a second year games development student.

The students have described it as “a website built by students for students” and have already registered the company and bought a domain name.

Will, 24, said: “We’re in the right place to develop this website because we’re also the target audience.”

Plans are already in place to create an app to complement the website and the team is now setting up meetings with local bars to get their support.

Kev, 27, added: “We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved. It’s only early days, but we’ve had some great feedback. Everything we’ve done has been on a shoe-string budget. We set this up in my bedroom and lived off pasta to fund it, but it’s been worth it.”