Sweet sound of the ice cream van

The ice cream van is an integral part of childhood.

Wednesday, 28th June 2017, 12:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:27 am
Judith Taylor far right in the kilt queuing up for ice cream in 1958

And the Robinson’s vehicle is an iconic part of Leyland’s history yet is as popular now as it was in yesterday.

Reader Judith Taylor sent in this photograph of herself (far right, wearing a kilt) queuing for an ice cream in Hillbrook Road, Leyland, in 1958.

She said: “I am the little girl sideways on in the kilt and I was four years old, so it was taken 59 years ago. It was outside 84 Hillbrook Road.”

When Judith shared the photo on Leyland Memories Facebook page, other readers posted about their love for the family-owned ice cream 

Cath Nellist wrote: “Chocolate wafers and oysters with the best ice cream in them. Also Mellow yellow and Zoom ice lollies. Happy memories.”

Ann Ireland commented: “Still the best ice cream I’ve tasted. We would call at the dairy then go for a walk along the Lostock with my dad.”

Colin Damp posted: “When, some years ago, my sister-in-law Eileen (nee Nixon of the greengrocers in Hough Lane) visited Leyland after decades living in America, a Robinson’s ice cream was on her “must have” list - along with a Thornley’s black pudding and a butter pie from 

Kathryn Heathcote wrote: “I grew up next door to Robinson’s ice cream farm. I used to go round the back to see the ice cream being made.

“Mrs Robinson was a good friend of my parents. I loved their jam wafers.”

Jean Taylor posted: “I used to work on a Sunday and part of my job was to ring the big bell out of the window.

“I used to love two chocolate wafers with ice cream in the middle.”

Valerie Fazackerley commented: “I used to work on one of the vans years ago doing a Sunday round, to pay for my first holiday away with my friends, freezing in the back of those vans.”

Robinson’s Farm Ices is now run by Alan and Julie Wilson.