Swimmer’s bid for Games cash

Ryan Bennett, who grew up in Brinscall, will compete in the Commonwealth Games
Ryan Bennett, who grew up in Brinscall, will compete in the Commonwealth Games
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A talented swimmer is seeking a financial boost to help him make a splash at the Commonwealth Games.

Ryan Bennett, 23, has qualified to compete in the medley relay and hopes he may be selected for more events.

He grew up in Brinscall, where his parents still live, but is now a student in Stirling and will represent Scotland.

Although the Games are now just months away, Ryan still has lots to do.

He spends more than 25 hours a week in the pool, alongside his studies, and has a tight budget.

He believes he needs around £4,000 to cover his costs before the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and allow him to achieve his full potential.

So he has turned to a crowd funding website and is asking people to show their support by making donations.

Ryan, a former student at Runshaw College, said: “One of the important things for me is to be able to go away and race internationally before the Games, because it would be good experience. Obviously with that comes a lot of expenses with flights and accommodation.

“The other thing is to be able to get a new pair of racing skins, which cost in excess of £200.”

Ryan was a finalist in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi and has won a host of swimming titles.

He is offering rewards for people who support him financially.

These range from a personal email of thanks and updates for people donating £5 to a signed T-shirt and a personal thank you in televised post race interviews during the Commonwealth Games for those giving £1,000.

Ryan said: “I think it’s a good way for people to get involved this summer.”

To support Ryan, go to www.talentbacker.com/talents/view/ryan-bennett.