Swimmers wave goodbye to club

All Season's Leisure Centre
All Season's Leisure Centre

A popular swimming club aimed at younger swimmers has been forced to close, due to a lack of volunteers.

Chorley Swimming Club, which was based at All Seasons Leisure Centre, on Water Street, in Chorley, was run by Marjorie Derbyshire and Irene Bolton.

It provided classes for children from four-years-old, through to teenagers.

At the time of its closure, it had approximately eight volunteers, which was sadly not enough to keep the club running.

Caroline Waring, who is a teaching assistant at St James’ Primary School, and who volunteered at Chorley Swimming Club for 25 years, said: “It closed because of a lack of volunteers to teach the classes.

“The ones that were there had been doing it forever, and the others started to have increasing commitments.

“The one that helped me in the small pool was moving to University, and I couldn’t do it on my own.

“It was really good teaching the children to swim, and watching them progress.

“I always think that children should be able to swim.

“I always teach them, so that they are confident, but not over confident - that’s good for them.

“As well needing about five or six volunteers poolside, we also needed a new chairperson and a new secretary.

“The volunteers are still in touch.”

Caroline, 38, from Chorley, has been teaching since she was 13, and would now like to thank everybody that she has taught over the years.

“I am sad it is closing, but I have been doing it for such a long time now.

“On the last day, everybody was saying how they didn’t wantit to finish.

“I would like to say thank you to everybody, for being so committed and supportive.

“Some of the children have now gone on to swim at other places.”

Chorley Swimming Club, who used to hire All Seasons Leisure Centre once a week, did not close due to financial circumstances.

All money that remained in the group’s pot has been given to various charities, including St Catherine’s Hospice, Derian House, Rosemere Cancer Foundation and North West Air Ambulance.

Children were given fun sessions to mark the end of the group.