Swimming star set for huge challenge as she takes on the Channel

Rosanna Ogden, second from left, will attempt to swim 21 miles in 21 days
Rosanna Ogden, second from left, will attempt to swim 21 miles in 21 days
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A brave heart patient is set to face her biggest sporting challenge yet.

Little Rosanna Ogden, from Adlington, has achieved mass success in the swimming pool despite having open heart surgery at just five weeks old after a tumour was found on her heart.

The St Joseph’s Primary School student, who turned five on Tuesday, gained her one mile certificate the day before. After a hectic 2014 which saw her win national and regional awards, Rosanna is set for her biggest challenge yet as she attempts to conquer the distance of the English Channel.

Rosanna’s mother Sanam said: “Now Rosanna has completed her one mile, she will try and complete the distance of the English Channel.

“It’s 21 miles so she will do one mile a day for 21 days in March.

“It is amazing that Rosanna will try and do this and she is only five years old.

“We are looking for venues to complete the one mile, she needs to be on her own in the lane or with me swimming next to her.

“Swimming is so good for her, the doctors have always said swimming will help her become strong.”

Sanam and family have big plans for 2015 as they want to continue raising more money for the British Heart Foundation.

Last year, a swimming gala day was held at David Lloyd in Chorley which Olympian Rebecca Adlington attended and Sanam hopes the same event can be organised.

She added: “We want to raise more money, we think we have confirmed names including more Olympians, we hope we can get a date soon.”