Swingers club targeted by arsonists

The No 3 Swingers Club on Friday Street, Chorley
The No 3 Swingers Club on Friday Street, Chorley
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A controversial swingers’ club has been attacked by arsonists, it has been revealed.

The No3 Club, on Friday Street, Chorley, was targeted by thugs who hurled a suspected fire bomb into the Primrose Bank House unit on Tuesday.

The fire service received reports of someone trying to throw “something bright” into the club at around 10.45pm, and are treating it as arson.

The owner of the club, who wishes only to be known as Mary, said: “The vandals climbed up the outdoor fire exit steps to get to the window, and threw a brick and a bottle into the ladies toilets.

“We’re very lucky that nobody was in the building at the time.

“We’ve been targeted three times in the last six months with people throwing bricks at windows.”

The club raised eyebrows when it opened in May last year and its facilities include a ‘playbed’ and a sauna.

But Mary believes the arson attempt was not personal.

She said: “I put the attacks down to drunken vandalism.

“I just thank God that nobody was hurt and a fire didn’t break out.”

The swingers’ club is closed on Tuesdays, but is normally open until midnight or later from Wednesday through to Saturday.

Fire crews said the petrol bomb device failed to catch fire once inside.

A spokesman for the Fire Brigade said: “A brick was thrown through a first floor window, followed by an incendiary device.

“It didn’t fully ignite so damage was confined to laminate flooring in the bathroom.”

The 999 caller said that ‘something bright’ was hurled into the window, and there were initial concerns that somebody was inside.

The owner of another business in the building, International Military Surplus Clothing, also said the Friday Street hub has attracted trouble-makers in recent months.

The man, who does not want to be named, said: “I had my windows broken just before Christmas.

“But the building has been targeted more times than that.

“I wouldn’t like to suggest they’re only trying to damage the swingers’ club.”

The landlord of the building, Frank Patterson, was unavailable for comment.