Swingers’club: The inside story plans dungeon

The No 3 Swingers Club on Friday Street, Chorley
The No 3 Swingers Club on Friday Street, Chorley
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This is the first glimpse inside Chorley’s controversial swingers’ club – which is now set to get its own dungeon.

Owners of the No3 club have announced plans to introduce new facilities to the Friday Street venue after a surge of support from members of the public.

They also published new photos on their website, revealing details about facilities, for the first time since it opened in May.

The photos show a playroom, swinger’s lounge, a private bedroom, sauna and locker room.

The owner, known only as Mary, previously told the Guardian that people do not have sex at the club, but instead use it as a meeting place before going elsewhere.

She was unavailable for comment, but the website reveals: “At the opposite end to the swingers’ lounge you will find the main swingers’ bedroom, featuring one huge playbed. Along the corridor you will come to our private rooms where couples can relax and have fun in more intimate surroundings.

“Soon to be added to the No3 Swingers’ club is an upstairs area featuring a dungeon.”

It also announces that a jacuzzi will soon be added.

- For the full story and more pictures, see this week’s Chorley Guardian