Swiss Lips scoop a Sony record deal

Swiss Lips, who have just been signed by Sony.
Swiss Lips, who have just been signed by Sony.
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A former Chorley student is following in the footsteps of some of his biggest idols, after being signed by a prestigious record label.

Sam Hammond, who attended Albany High School, has been part of Electro Pop group Swiss Lips since August 2011.

The group, which is inspired by the likes of Justice, The Beach Boys and Michael Jackson, may have only done three gigs together, but already they have made a lasting impression, and scooped themselves a record deal with Sony.

Sam is now enjoying living life as a band member, recording in studios, and preparing to go on tour. But it is not something that was given to the group on a plate.

Talking to the Chorley Guardian, he said: “Getting signed is a lengthy process so not something that surprised us really.

“We have all been making music for a long time though so to have this support now is very exciting.

“We feel very lucky to have this opportunity to release our music with a great team, and being label mates with Michael Jackson is something to brag to girls about.

“My Dad is a musician so it was always around the house when growing up.

“It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. That and be a lion tamer.”

As well as Sam, Swiss Lips is composed of Tim Estherby, Luke Daniel, Nic Kozubik and Tom White, who have all been a part of the industry for many years.

Sam, who went to Runshaw College, said: “We have all been in different bands on and off for years.

“We try to write songs that stick in your head all day long and make you feel good.

“The team who run Epic records are big songwriters, and I think they saw the strength in our songs.

“Were recording at an amazing studio called The Pool which has a huge collection of vintage guitars and synths so we are having the time of our lives.

“I genuinely think we are making a great album and hope people will love it.”

As well as recording their debut album, there seems to be plenty more in the pipeline for Swiss Lips, who are also set to tour the festivals in summer.

They will be playing alongside some big names, including English rock band, Radiohead.

Sam said: “We have just heard that we are playing Fuji Rock in Japan which is so exciting.

Fuji Rock will be the highlight I’m sure.

“ I wrote a song once called ‘I’ve never been to Japan’.

“Might have to dig it out and change the lyrics.”

Back at his Chorley home, Sam has made his family and friends extremely proud.

His brother Ben Hammond, 33, said: “It is all going off for him.

“I am really proud of him.

“Hopefully he’ll be rich and look after his older brother. I’ll be a roadie.”

n Swiss Lips debut album will be called ‘Swiss Lips’ and is set to be released in August 2012.