Take a walk to the latest display

Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group exhibition at Chorley Town Hall
Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group exhibition at Chorley Town Hall

Fancy a stroll back to the past?

The Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group’s latest display – Chorley Town Centre - A Walk Through History –will be on view in Chorley Library throughout next month, starting on Monday, February 3.

It concentrates on buildings and structures in the town centre that people have walked past without realising how important they have been in Chorley’s history and heritage, and in some cases, the links that exist between them.

Barry Lowe, of the Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group, said: “Unfortunately some of the buildings are not there today, but links to their existence are still in evidence if you know where to look.

“Needless to say, there are many more than those on display, which may be the subject of another display later.

“Hopefully the display will give you the incentive to start you off on your own trail of research into the history and heritage of the town, and your feedback to the heritage group, on what you may find.

“We will also ask the public to leave any additional information, on a ‘note-pad’ adjacent to the display, and also later in the month, we hope to have a ‘tell-your-stories’ session, about your knowledge and memories related to the buildings shown, and allied to this, an opportunity to bring in to the library, any photographs you may, have which link to what you have seen. So please come on down.”

In December, The University of Central Lancashire Community History course teamed up with the Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group for an exhibition at Chorley Library, called The Changing Face of Market Street.

That followed up the group’s highly successful summer exhibition on Chorley’s Summer of Celebration in 2012 and a recent Heritage Fair at the town hall.