Taps run dry in homes and schools due to burst pipe

A United Utilities tanker on Railway Road, Adlington
A United Utilities tanker on Railway Road, Adlington
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Three schools closed their doors today after being hit by problems with the water supply.

Some properties in the PR6 and PR7 areas of Chorley were without water from 5.40am, while others had poor water pressure.

Adlington St Paul’s Primary School, Anderton Primary School and St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Anderton did not open because of the issue.

A Lancashire County Council spokesman said other schools were open.

Homes and businesses were also affected, with people unable to shower or make drinks.

Katherine Harrison, of Fairview Drive, Adlington, was concerned about feeding her nine-week-old son Harry.

She had a small amount of water left in her tank, but was worried it would run out.

Katherine said: “There is nothing we can do.

“All we can do is keep waiting until the taps come on.”

The Cardwell Arms pub, on Chorley Road, Adlington, was closed.

Their Facebook page said: “We like many others have no water which in turn means we have no toilet facilities currently on site. We have doubled checked the legalities and we’ve been advised not to open until the water is back on.”

United Utilities sent an inspector to find out what had happened and found a burst pipe in Adlington.

They sent a team of engineers to repair the pipe and tankers were used to pump water into the network.

A United Utilities spokesman said: “Our engineers are presently repairing a burst pipe on Bolton Road, Adlington.

“We have managed to restore water to many properties who were originally affected this morning using our tankers to pump water directly into the network.”

It was the third time in just a few months that people in the area have had problems with their water.

In August, two separate leaks in just a few hours meant properties in Adlington had no water or just a trickle.

United Utilities do not believe the leaks were linked to yesterday’s problem.

And then people in large parts of Lancashire were advised not to drink tap water without boiling it due to the cryptosporidium scare.