Tasered pensioner to sue police

Taser victim, Colin Farmer
Taser victim, Colin Farmer

The investigation into the police tasering of a Chorley blind stroke victim is almost over after seven months.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)revealed the probe “is expected to conclude shortly”.

And the news comes as solicitors acting for grandfather Colin Farmer announced they were lodging a civil claim in the High Court this week.

Retired architect Mr Farmer, 63, collapsed to the ground after being hit in the back by the 50,000 volt stun gun by a police officer who mistook his white stick for a samurai sword last October.

Police had received reports of a man walking through Chorley town centre with a martial arts weapon.

Mr Farmer was making his way to a pub to meet friends for a drink when the incident happened.

He has sent a letter to Lancashire Constabulary claiming damages for assault, false imprisonment and a breach of his human rights.

Sophie Khan, solicitor with McMillan Williams, one of the largest and most successful firms of solicitors in the south of England, who has taken on Mr Farmer’s case, said: “The civil claim will be lodged in the High Court this week and the litigation procedure will then commence to seek compensation for Mr Farmer against the officer who tasered him.”

A spokesman for the IPCC said: “The investigation into the incident involving Mr Farmer is expected to conclude shortly. Once concluded it will be for the IPCC Commissioner to determine the next stage.

“This would include a decision as to whether there is sufficient evidence to pass the matter to the Crown Prosecution Service or whether any officer should face disciplinary action.”

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “As there’s an ongoing IPCC investigation it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to comment.”

Mr Farmer, who has suffered two strokes, said he was sceptical about the outcome of the investigation and feared a “whitewash”.

“What I’ve been really, really annoyed about is the fact it is seven months.

“After seven months they have not suspended the guy who did it, even though he broke every rule under the use of tasers.

“The amount of money it’s costing. Seven months hiding and using weasel words.

“I want this to go before a judge and jury because this is just plain wrong.”