Teenager attacked ‘just for dancing’

Chloe Tebay, who was attacked by a girl who 'didn't like the way she was dancing'
Chloe Tebay, who was attacked by a girl who 'didn't like the way she was dancing'

A former Chorley beauty queen was attacked by a clubber - who didn’t like the way she was dancing.

Chloe Tebay, 18, was pushed to the ground and kicked in the face while out with friends at Chorley club Applejax.

But, despite Chloe suffering from three fractures and undergoing surgery to break and re-set her nose, the violent fellow clubber who inflicted her injuries was let off with just a caution.

Chloe, who was shortlisted for the Guardian’s Prom King and Queen competition in 2009, said she was left covered in blood after the ordeal.

She said: “I was out with a group of friends that night but at the time it happened I was dancing on my own upstairs.

“Then some girl that I don’t know just turned round to me and basically said she didn’t like the way I was dancing.

“The next thing I knew someone had jumped on me and kicked me in the face.

“My nose just sort of exploded and everybody was covered in blood. I was covered in blood from head to toe.

“I blacked out and someone picked me up and took me downstairs to the toilets to get cleaned up before the ambulance came.”

An 18-year-old girl was arrested by police but let off with a caution after the incident, which happened at around 1.30am on Good Friday.

Chloe, of Grenville Road, who works in Deja Vu on Fazakerley Street, says her attacker then took to social networking site Facebook to brag about the ordeal.

She said: “The girl was released the next day with a caution because it was her first offence. To me that isn’t justice.

“These girls are obviously people that go out to cause trouble and there was no reason why she should have been let off.

“I didn’t know this girl, all I was doing was dancing on my own.”

Chloe has undergone surgery to set her nose properly but has been warned she may need to undergo plastic surgery to return it to how it was before the attack.

Chloe said: “When I first went to the hospital they couldn’t really say at the time whether it was broken because it was so swollen.

“I thought I was healing OK but when I went to the hospital for a check up, the surgeon said I had three different breaks and I would have to have an operation.

“I have still got a bump and the doctors say if I am not happy about it I might have to have plastic surgery.”

Chloe is studying public services at Preston College and has hopes of one day joining the police.

“I have been put off going into town now. I am not going to be going out for ages. I don’t want to go out and see them.”

A police spokesperson said, “Each incident is dealt with on its own merits and a number of factors are taken into consideration, alongside national Home Office guidelines, when deciding how an offender will be dealt with.”