Ten things you’ll only know if you are from Chorley

Astley Hall
Astley Hall
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Here are our ten things you’ll only know you are from Chorley... there are many more, let us know!

1) that Victory Park is named in honour of the Allied victory in World War One, and not, as opposing fans always remind us, because of the Magpies’ efforts.

2) that Astley Hall’s supposed to be haunted, or so nearly every schoolkid is told by the class joker as they head there on the usual school trip.

3) that there’s a sign on the TV mast on Winter Hill warning people lumps of ice might fall on you.

4) that the main route to Coppull is still called the “new road” by older folk even though it’s been there nearly a century.

5) that Studio Four at the Plaza used to be the place to see naughty films, mostly starring Robin Asquith.

6) that the Royal Oak used to have loads of small rooms, and if you ever got invited to a dinner upstairs, you were posh for one night at least.

7) that about a thousand kids used to enter the Chorley Guardian annual junior fishing match on the canal, but only about six caught anything.

8) that you can see Snowdon from Chorley Golf Club, but only on a really, really clear day.

9) that Parklands used to be the grammar school.

10) that it is compulsory to call the two playing areas in Adlington “t’top rec” and “t’bottom rec.”