The thrill of the chase for Steve

Local historian Steve Williams who appeared on ITV quiz show The Chase
Local historian Steve Williams who appeared on ITV quiz show The Chase
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A local historian put his knowledge to the test when he appeared in a popular television quiz show.

Steve Williams was a contestant in an episode of ITV’s The Chase broadcast on Monday evening.

The programme sees participants answer general knowledge questions and have the chance of winning thousands of pounds.

But standing in the way is the “chaser”, a quiz expert who chases them down the board and tries to kick them out of the game.

Steve, who lives in Brindle near Chorley, said: “I did it for a bit of fun. I saw it and my wife said ‘I bet you can’t do it’ so I said I would.”

Steve applied to take part in the show in August last year .

He was interviewed and attended auditions before being selected.

He travelled to London in March and spent a couple of hours filming the episode.

Steve, 63, said he would take wife Pam on a trip across Canada if he won.

He had done his research and knew that host Bradley Walsh had been a footballer, so he mentioned his time as football referee and linesman.

He also spoke about his interest in the First World War, battlefield trips and involvement with new war memorials.

Steve is project manager for Chorley Remembers and a founder of the Chorley Pals memorial.

He answered a host of questions during the show, but did slip up on some, including one about a fashion blogger and another about a king.

But he and two other contestants made it through to the “final chase” with the chance to win £9,000.

However, they were beaten by chaser Paul “The Sinnerman” Sinha by just seven seconds and did not win the money.

Steve said he had a “great experience”.

He said: “I had a great time. Bradley Walsh was charming and we were well looked after.

“It doesn’t bother me being in front of the camera.”

Steve does not plan to apply for another quiz show, but encouraged other people to give it a go.

And he even left behind a memento, giving Bradley Walsh a Chorley Pals book.