The tragic text before teenager took his life

A Chorley teenager sent his girlfriend a chilling text saying: ‘I won’t be here much longer’ just hours before being found hanged.

But an inquest into the death of 17-year-old Andrew Eccleston from Clayton Brook, heard how his partner, Emma Louise Jones, had thought he was just trying to make her ‘feel guilty’ about being out with friends.

The college pupil told coroner James Adeley at the hearing on Wednesday that it wasn’t the first time that he had threatened to commit suicide and described him as being a bit like ‘the boy who cried wolf’.

The court heard how Andrew was found hanged at an address in Coppull after being released from a young offenders’ institute last March.

He had been remanded to Barton Moss, in Manchester, after stealing Emma’s mother, Carole-Anne’s car.

It came after her family had taken him in to their Clayton-le-Woods home after he had taken an overdose in 2010.

Carole-Anne Jones, a charity worker, said: “Andrew would have been 13 or 14 when I first knew him. I worked in the community and he didn’t go to school. I’d see him, buy him something to eat and he’d talk to me.

“He moved in with me in November 2010 after being released from hospital after a suicide attempt and he had nowhere to go.

“Andrew was very complex. He was very loving, but he could sometimes be quite difficult. He came with a lot of baggage.

“Sometimes he would struggle to sleep. The first few nights he was with us it was like having a baby again. He was scared and he wanted to be loved.”

Ms Jones said Andrew had experienced a ‘difficult’ childhood and was caught in a vicious cycle which would see him become ‘edgy’ and turn to drugs. She said it was during these episodes that he would talk about taking his own life.

“He discussed it with Emma Louise and she told me because she was concerned,” she added. “He would be perfect and then he would start to show signs that he was becoming unsettled. He stole from me many times. I paid off drug dealers and would be out on the streets looking for him.

“He stole my car and the police were involved.

“They put the helicopter up and that led to him being remanded at Barton Moss.

“I visited him there two to three times a week. He was released on March 30 and was excited, but he only lasted 28 days in the community.”

Andrew, a former Clayton Brook Primary pupil, was found dead on April 28 at a charity ‘crash pad’ in Coppull, where he had been sent after his release.

Ms Jones described how she had had an argument with him days before because she thought he was going to ‘blow it’.

That was the last time she saw or heard from him.

Andrew’s dad Gary said he was being ‘cheeky usual self’ when he last saw him.

He said: “He was happy go-lucky. He had his cheeky smile, dimples and was upbeat. I had no concerns about him.”

But Emma Louise started to receive the texts the night before his death. She said: “The texts were fairly normal. It wasn’t a regular thing, he had said it previous ly.”

A verdict of death by misadventure was recorded.