The Word’s out

Chorley author Simon Duringer
Chorley author Simon Duringer
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A Chorley author launches his latest book on Friday.

Simon Duringer, author of the thriller Stray Bullet and the analysis book How Do I Win on a Lottery, will bring out The Word in both paperback and eBook form.

The Word is a collection of 28 interviews with authors and entertainers, mostly award winners, and includes a Pulitzer winning war correspondent, a number of Emmy winners, an actress named by Publishers Weekly as Best Female narrator, an Oscar winning director and many more.

The interviews within both the eBook and paperback are less than conventional, are full of satire, yet include; sad tales, intriguing histories, and interviewer led challenges.

It has been likened to a modernised Desert Island Disc style of interview.

Simon, who was recently a finalist in the UK National Blogging Awards 2014, said: “I feel extremely fortunate to have had access to some very high profile writers, authors, narrators and movie directors over the last eight months, their stories are incredible and it’s time for them to be shared on Kindle eBook and paperback.

“Essentially, ‘The Word’ is a 400 page novel by novelists.

“It caters to the needs of every type of reader and carries endorsement from the People’s Book Award finalist of 2014, Kindle #1 crime sleuth Leigh Russell and award winning narrator Josephine Bailey.

“High street bestseller Conn Iggulden, whose interview is within this volume, has already agreed in principle to lead volume II which I hope to release before the end of the year.

“I should add 10 per cent of global royalties will be donated to The Royal British Legion, who have been very supportive to me in the past.”

Paul DeMeyer, the Academy Award-winning Disney director, who previously directed the global animation sensations The Rugrats and The Rugrats in Paris for Nickleodeon, was interviewed using questions posed by year five students from St Mary’s School in Chorley.

Paul talks about his new Disney production Miles from Tomorrowland due for release in 2015.