Thigh’s the limit for fan of Boris

Lewis Jolly shows off his Boris Johnson tattoo
Lewis Jolly shows off his Boris Johnson tattoo

Chorley chef Lewis Jolly has only been to London once.

But when time came to choose a new tattoo to adorn his thigh, he came over all patriotic.

The born and bred Chorley lad, 19, from Adlington, served up a surprise to his mates with a design of one of his favourite politicians...and it’s not Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle.

Lewis, who works at the Spinners Arms in Cowling, had a portrait of London mayor Boris Johnson inked on his leg.

Lewis said: “I have been wanting to do this for about a year.

“I don’t really know why I did it but I just like him because he is a funny guy.

“He brings a smile to everyone’s face and the great thing is that he does not take things too seriously. That is how you should live your life.

“It cost me £180 but I think it looks amazing and really like him.

“People keep saying to me that I will regret it when I am older but I don’t think I will; I just have to wait and see.

“My boss here wants Boris to come up and see it which is good.”

The tattoo was done by Jay Abbott of Psycho Monkey in Market Street, Adlington, who has had some of Chorley’s best-known celebrities visiting his shop including boxer Michael Jennings, Joe Gilgun and JonJo Kerr.

He said: “When Lewis came in a few months ago he mentioned he was contemplating it and I told him that I wanted to do it.

“I was buzzing just about the idea; I get a lot of requests for movie icons or family members.

“But it is one of the strangest that I have ever done.

“I thought that it was different to the run-of-the-mill stuff and it would be challenging because he is so recognisable, so you have to make it right.”

It took three hours to do the work of art and Jay added that Lewis was the perfect customer during the time.

Lewis has not been put off by his session as he is set to return to get a Da Vinci resurrection down one side of his body.

Jay said: “There are some people who have second thoughts about things like this and want the tattoos changed or removed, but I don’t think Lewis will want the Boris one taken off because it looks legendary.”

Meanwhile Boris Johnson has expressed his approval, quipping : “I’m honoured by the artistic gesture, it’s a sight for sore thighs.”