Time to bring back carnival

Photo: David Hurst'Crowds line the street at the popular Adlington Carnival parade
Photo: David Hurst'Crowds line the street at the popular Adlington Carnival parade
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A campaign group has been launched to bring back Chorley Carnival.

Karren McCarthy, Nicky Pickering, Debbie Hart and Llio Connor held their first meeting earlier this week in a bid to generate a feel-good factor in the town by organising a carnival – more than 20 years since it was last staged.

‘The revival of Chorley Carnival’ page on Facebook is proving to be a hit, with more than 1,300 people ‘liking it’.

Llio said: “The Chorley Then and Now page was started on Facebook by a guy called Mick Hayes, and we have all been talking and saying about how good it was to have a carnival in the town.

“We met on Tuesday night and we wanted to talk about what the carnival should have.

“We just want to get lots of people on board, and if we get sponsorship we can do more.

“I can remember that the carnival was brilliant, and it is about time we gave people something to enjoy.

“All we hear about nowaday is about pubs closing and things, and there is no way of getting together as a community.”

Last month, Adlington Carnival held its event and organisers hailed it a success.

Elsewhere, there is the Leyland Festival, and Llio believes that Chorley should also have its own celebration to allow all the people of the town to get together.

She said: “Why shouldn’t Chorley have one as well – there is plenty to showcase.

“All we need now is get a committee together, and then maybe add people with the right skills when we need them.

“We just want to know if people would like to have a carnival in the town.”

Coun Alistair Bradley, leader of Chorley Council, said: “We will help the organisers when they meet with us.

“We cannot run it, but we want to open the doors to people who want to run things like this.”

You can check out the Facebook page Revival of Chorley Carnival to give your comment.