Trader accuses Asda of leaving town in ‘limbo’

Limbo: Michael Bromley
Limbo: Michael Bromley
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A businessman is urging bosses at Asda to stop leaving him in limbo - and make their mind up about when it’s coming to Chorley.

The supermarket giant is set to move on to the site of QS Fashions in Pall Mall, close to where Michael Bromley’s international diesel tuning company Tunit is based.

They’ve just confirmed that they aim to open at the end of next year but Mr Bromley says the uncertainty is drastically affecting his business.

He wants to relocate the firm’s headquarters when the work finally starts, but is being left in the lurch as to when that will be.

He said: “Initially, they said the development would happen in early 2010, then early 2011, and now they’re saying it won’t be until next year.

“What is it Asda? Make your mind up for Chorley.”

He added: “They’re leaving people in limbo by not giving us an exact date. I’m going to move because the building work will be disruptive to us, but I don’t want to do it just yet in case the deal doesn’t actually go through. I don’t want to waste hundreds of thousand of pounds.”

Mr Bromley had planned to expand the building and employ more staff before Asda approached him over two years ago, but says that’s also been put on hold.

“We have 12 employees at the moment, and are recruiting two more,” he said. “Ideally, I would like to hire an extra five people, but we don’t have enough room here, and I’m not spending money on maintenance work and an extension if I’m going to have to move.

“It’s been so frustrating since Asda came on the scene.”

Property Communications Manager for Asda, Philip Bartram, insisted that the foodstore is still coming to the town centre, but isn’t sure when work will start at the site.

He said: “We are proceeding with the development and it’s great news that we got planning permission.

“We’re hoping to open towards the back end of 2012.”