Traders want action to sort out ‘mess’ of town traffic

Malcolm Allen
Malcolm Allen
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Business leaders in Chorley want urgent action on town road problems.

Malcolm Allen, chairman of Chorley Traders’ Alliance group, suggested County Hall should hand back control of the borough’s highways network to Chorley Council.

He has criticised recent Lancashire County Council (LCC) road schemes in Chorley, including the new roundabout at the top of Union Street and the reopening of Market Street to traffic.

Mr Allen, of Malcolm’s Musicland, Chapel Street, said: “You just need to look at the mess to Union Street traffic, as the people involved are not Chorley people.

“I know they said they’ve passed it over to the police to monitor it for them.

“Customers are always saying they’ve had near-misses on the roundabout at Union Street.

“If they (LCC) had spent a couple of hours watching the roundabout, they would know the errors they have made.

“They delayed the opening of Market Street for up seven months because they sat on the consultation period.

“Chorley Council took it upon themselves to make the open area safe.

“You only have to look at what the town centre precinct has been like these last five years – it’s a free-for-all for drivers.”

Mr Allen’s latest criticism is about yellow lines for parking and delivery bays in Chapel Street. He claimed requests were made for them to be repainted years ago.

He said: “When we get into 2014, it will be going on for five years.

“The traders at the section facing St George’s Church have asked for the lines to be painted again for the delivery bays and disabled parking that allows shoppers to be able to park and delivery men to deliver once the precinct is locked.

“We’ve now got deliverymen double parking, which stops buses coming round – and just generally.” He added: “Taxpayers’ money should come back to Chorley Borough Council, who would do a better job.”

LCC declined to comment.

However, Andrew Burrows, highways manager for Chorley, said: “We’re aware that road markings and signs need to be refreshed and replaced, and have programmed work to take place during January.”