Drug driver caught by police on the M61 after middle lane hogging for THREE MILES

The driver tested positive for cocaine (Photo: GMP)
The driver tested positive for cocaine (Photo: GMP)

A drive with cocaine in his system has been caught by police after they tracked him using the middle lane of a motorway for more than three miles.

At around 3.30am on Sunday (September 8), Greater Manchester Police (GMP) reported on how they had stopped a Vauxhall Meriva on the M61 at junction six for Horwich.

For more than three miles, officers had been following the car as it continued to use the lane two of the highway.

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After being stopped by officers, they discovered he had only passed his test two weeks earlier and that he "didn't realise he should drive in lane one".

GMP reported he also failed a drug test.

Images of the drug test were posted on to social media by GMP, which show a positive result for cocaine use.

What is 'middle lane hogging'?

- Drivers who sit in the middle lane of the motorway when the left-hand lane is clear are often called "lane hoggers".

- To avoid illegally undertaking them, drivers in the left-hand lane are forced into the right-hand lane to overtake lane hoggers.

- At busy times, lane hoggers can unwittingly cause congestion, as three lanes of traffic are squeezed into the right-hand lane to overtake them.

- While lane hoggers might be oblivious to the chaos they cause, they are ranked by UK drivers as one of the most annoying aspects of motorway driving.