Chorley roadside memorial to boy wrecked by vandals

Ryan Masterman's vandalised roadside memorial
Ryan Masterman's vandalised roadside memorial
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Vandals have trashed a roadside memorial to a tragic teenager who was killed in an accident while riding his bike.

The family of Ryan Masterman, of Clayton-le-Woods, were left heartbroken by the attack.

Ryan, 14, was riding his BMX with friends along Chorley Old Road, Whittle-le-Woods, when he collided with a car in 2006. The teenage driver was fined £300 and banned from driving for a year after he pleaded guilty at Preston Magistrates Court to driving without due care and attention.

The damage to the memorial on Chorley Old Road was spotted by Ryan’s sister Kirsten McDonagh, 28. It included ripping off and smashing to pieces a heart-shaped wreath from his mother.

Kirsten said: “I couldn’t believe someone would do this. I was absolutely disgusted and heartbroken and I was so scared of telling my mum what happened.”

Ryan’s mother Anne Masterman, who now lives in the Isle of Man, said: “It’s just mindless people that have done that. It’s upsetting. It’s my son and I dearly love him and always will.”