Lancashire residents speak out about drivers who block pavements

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A Penwortham father has spoken out about the difficulties he faces passing inconsiderate drivers park on pavements.

Paul Jones, 39 said he is regularly forced to pass parked cars by going out into a busy road when pushing his one-year-old daughter in her pram.

He said: "It's particularly bad on Leyland Road. When I walk there with my one-year-old daughter in her pram I have to wait for a break in the traffic and cross into the road.

"It's a very busy road and this happens nearly every time I walk there.

"I think it's just so dangerous to have to walk out into a road with a pram. I was so angry that I reported this to the town council and they passed on my complaint to the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

"Something needs to be done. It's possible that the drivers aren't aware of the problems they're causing but I think after all this attention they must now be aware.

"I think anyone pushing a pram or wheelchair must have faced this problem."

And residents across the county are now speaking out about their own battles passing cars that have obstructed pavements.

Stella Sansom Harper said she struggles when pushing her son who uses a wheelchair around Deepdale on match days.

She said: "Manor House Lane and the dead end street behind Sainsburys on football match days are difficult.

"Everybody parks on the pavements when really there is no need (they do it behind Sainsburys because it's double yellow lines on the road) .

"My son uses a wheelchair so we have to avoid going out at that time."

Elizabeth Seddon said she was fed up with parents who obstructed pavements in Fulwood.

She said: "[I'm] sick to death of parents parking on pavements and across dropped kerbs when collecting from Sherwood School.

"It's been a problem for decades. Vehicles have also gotten bigger so the pavement is completely covered in places.

"Police say it is up to the council to deal with it."

Another reader was told to "walk in the road" by a driver who obstructed the pavement while walking with a pram on Mill Street, Farington.

Last week a PCSO patrolled Leyland Road pushing a pram to check there was enough space to pass vehicles who had parked on the pavement.

No cars were found to be obstructing the pavement.