Transporter stuck in town centre

TRAFFIC was a standstill in Chorley town centre after a car transporter got stuck under a tree.

The Scania truck was travelling with nine cars from St George’s Road onto Church Street at 12 noon on August 19, when he saw the trees from St George’s Church and became trapped.

Cars on the one-way street managed to squeeze past, but other vehicles, including a double decker bus were turned round by police.

One worker at Maidens Clothes Shop on Chapel Street, said: “The man was travelling from Southport Road and was being directed by the company he worked for.

“He had never been this way before and I feel so sorry for him because he did not know the area.

“The driver did not want to scratch any of the car so he decided to stop,

“It held up the traffic for about 10 minutes and I think one of the buses had to stop because they could not get through.

“The PCSOs seem to be getting the traffic moving again.

“We don’t really have a problem with lorries using this street because they know about the trees.”

A crowd of shoppers watched on while others stopped and took photographs as the vehicle was moved on after half an hour.

Another passer-by was Susanne Karmy and she said: “I was visiting the nearby dentist when I saw the vehicle.

“The driver looked mortified by what had happened and there were quite a few people around while I was there.”

The truck was evenually freed at 2.15pm after tree surgeons helped to cut back branches