Trees at risk from ‘killer’

Worried: Adele Green in Astley Park
Worried: Adele Green in Astley Park
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A nature lover is so concerned that a deadly tree disease could overcome Chorley, she’s taking matters into her own hands.

Adele Green is worried about reports that a serious fungal disease has caused four million trees to be felled across the country.

Environmentalist Adele said: “It’s being called the foot and mouth disease of trees, and it would be a disaster if it spread to Chorley’s parks.

“The town is surrounded by countryside, which is what people love about living here, and it’s what separates us from places like Manchester.”

The disease, known as phytophthora ramorum and which causes leaves to blacken and wilt, started in America.

Adele is now worried that it could soon spread to the north of England, after taking hold in woodland in the south of the country.

“It could easily spread because people do a lot of travelling around the country these days,” she said. “It’s important that we try to do our bit for the area.”

She’s taken samples of blackened leaves from a rhododendron bush in Astley Park to see if the deadly disease has already arrived, but when Chorley Borough Cuncil carried out tests in December, the results came back negative.

Coun John Walker, who oversees parks for the council, said: “It is something we are aware of.”